A Subcreator’s Manifesto

That there is within man an inherent desire to to create is undeniable - one only needs to witness a child with a box of lego or an adult with a restaurant napkin to confirm this fact. The problem is that our natural impulses, along with everything else in the world, are not clean, shiny,... Continue Reading →


A Newfie, an Entomologist, and an Evangelical Walk into a Bar. . .

Though this might sound like the start of a bad joke (or a good one, depending how deep you are in the trenches of fatherhood), I recently bumped upon a living amalgamation of all three (well to be fair, he died about a hundred years ago.) This discovery was made possible through the uncanny literary... Continue Reading →

Why the Gospel is More Then Your Health

Recently I listened to a seminar given by a young woman who seemed to indicate that the church had dropped the ball when it came to preaching the whole gospel. I was cautiously optimistic, hoping there might be some discussions about the sad neglect of truth in our age. But no. The gospel for this,... Continue Reading →

Leisure: The Basis of Culture

Part of my research regarding classical Christian education has me swimming in waters I would never have chosen of my own volition. One such eddy in these waters is entitled Leisure, The Basis of Culture by Josef Pieper. You could be forgiven for thinking less of me for reading such a book, but you should... Continue Reading →

How Astrology Stifles the Stars

See if this sounds familiar: “There’s a chance you’ll make a decision today that will be followed by a consequence - which may lead to you having to make another decision. The planets also indicate that most people would rather avoid you so consider changing your shirt.” Assuming you’ve lived the majority life outside of... Continue Reading →

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