In Pursuit of Mindful Nonconformity

Before we begin, I'm going to prologue this post so readers don't assume I'm a thoughtless cow for not addressing COVID-19. At this point, my general feeling is that the internet has had about all it can take of lay contribution to infectious disease research and that any new information is likely going to come... Continue Reading →

Drag Kids and a Heap of Millstones

The most tragic forty-five minutes in history has just been aired on Canada’s main broadcasting network. It’s called Drag Kids, and it claims to be “a daring and touching portrait of four kids chasing freedom and friendship through the art of drag.”  Though couched in terms which suggest an epic quest, the aforementioned “portrait” essentially... Continue Reading →

Humanity Among the Tents

There is always the danger of dehumanization on behalf of those urging the immediate eviction of the homeless in Victoria Park. This approach, equally selfish and irresponsible, considers the best response to social “problems” is to shuffle them into a soundproof cupboard. However, I believe an equal, if more subtle, dehumanity may still be hard... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Maryam Monsef

Dear Maryam Monsef, There are a few things in your response to conservative MP’s recent “unacceptable” involvement in pro-life activities that I would like to address. The first is your claim that our nation’s views on abortion have “long been decided”, and that this supposed heritage status preemptively disqualifies any further attempts at discussion. May... Continue Reading →

A Subcreator’s Manifesto

That there is within man an inherent desire to to create is undeniable - one only needs to witness a child with a box of lego or an adult with a restaurant napkin to confirm this fact. The problem is that our natural impulses, along with everything else in the world, are not clean, shiny,... Continue Reading →

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