Hands to the Bone: Why Life is More Than Labor.

The accusation was once leveled at me, “what do you do, read all the time?” Though I don’t think it was said with malicious intent (at least I’m banking on that), it got me to thinking about the assumed premise behind such a sentiment — namely, people who spend their time reading or reflecting are... Continue Reading →


Why Grappling with Form is the Gateway to Beauty (With Thoughts From a Guest)

“We live in an age increasingly unaware of the power of its own expression. . .”               Todd Anderson Speaking from experience, I think I can say with a fairly sure degree of accuracy that many people treat poetry like small children treat food - eat what you know, avoid... Continue Reading →

How Astrology Stifles the Stars

See if this sounds familiar: “There’s a chance you’ll make a decision today that will be followed by a consequence - which may lead to you having to make another decision. The planets also indicate that most people would rather avoid you so consider changing your shirt.” Assuming you’ve lived the majority life outside of... Continue Reading →

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