Petey the Dapper Despot: When Sunny Ways Hide Sinister Weather

Believe it or not, I enjoy wading into controversy about as much as I enjoy snapping a wasps’ nest down my gym shorts. That being said, the straight-faced zeal of our current government as it enforces the ‘rights’ of some Canadians over the rights of others is beyond the point of ignoring. Let’s look at... Continue Reading →


How to Find Gold and Avoid Being Eaten: A Primer on Art Appreciation by a Primary School Art Appreciator. Part 2.

In the first part of our journey we determined – or at least I personally determined, which is more convenient - that the utter lack of qualifications required to call oneself an 'artist' has thrown the door open for all manner of self-expression which may or may not be better suited for the brown waste... Continue Reading →

The Gods Among Us.

Once upon a time, many years ago, it was assumed the gods would occasionally take time off from their ambrosia swilling to come down and mingle among the inhabitants of earth. It was not an unusual reaction then, when Paul and his partner Barnabas, having healed a crippled man one day in Iconium, for the... Continue Reading →

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