. . .But What If You Can’t? A Brief Critique of “I Can-ism.”

"Be a movie star or rock the main stage An XBox tester or an astronaut in space If they tell you that you can't you can shove it in their face I can I can I can so A hundred thousand disbelievers couldn't keep me on the ground I've invented a momentum that'll never slow... Continue Reading →

Dear Amy: Help! My Son Self-Identifies as a Howler Monkey!

Dear Amy, My son recently informed us that he feels increasingly uncomfortable in the body of an eight year old boy and wants us to to assist him in his transition to a howler monkey named 'Bobo.' As you can imagine, we want the best for our little bo-, er, monkey, but between his insistence... Continue Reading →

The Gods Among Us.

Once upon a time, many years ago, it was assumed the gods would occasionally take time off from their ambrosia swilling to come down and mingle among the inhabitants of earth. It was not an unusual reaction then, when Paul and his partner Barnabas, having healed a crippled man one day in Iconium, for the... Continue Reading →

Glory in a Beer Can

Cedar forests are fascinating little ecosystems. At least, they are to those of us who are interested in such things. Because so little light can penetrate through its evergreen canopy, the air underneath remains close and damp. The soil, rich but acidic, proves inhospitable except for the odd fern and several dozens mushroom varieties which... Continue Reading →

On Winding Down

There is an ache which accompanies the days of late summer. The perennials, having lived their brief moment of glory, lie spent and sheared to ankle height. The sugar maples and aspens, though still largely green, begin to betray their autumnal undergarments; it won't be long before they disrobe completely. Yellow clouds of goldenrod hum... Continue Reading →

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