Glory in a Beer Can

Cedar forests are fascinating little ecosystems. At least, they are to those of us who are interested in such things. Because so little light can penetrate through its evergreen canopy, the air underneath remains close and damp. The soil, rich but acidic, proves inhospitable except for the odd fern and several dozens mushroom varieties which... Continue Reading →


Anatomy of a Slow Burn: Love Lost Between C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien

"I never tried to burn any bridges, though I know I let some good things go."-Neil Young Though friends fall out for many reasons, I believe it is a process that rarely happens all at once. Few people rush out onto friendship bridge with gasoline and an armful of old flyers thinking, "Ima gonna' burn... Continue Reading →

On Winding Down

There is an ache which accompanies the days of late summer. The perennials, having lived their brief moment of glory, lie spent and sheared to ankle height. The sugar maples and aspens, though still largely green, begin to betray their autumnal undergarments; it won't be long before they disrobe completely. Yellow clouds of goldenrod hum... Continue Reading →

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