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Occasionally, I try to respond to various issues that come up in our community and culture and feel that local media is one way for Christians to maintain a voice in today’s age. One must be careful not to reinforce blustering caricatures ober come off as a raving lunatic – a balance I have not always maintained as well as I should.

The reality is that for society to have any hope of landing on stable particulars, there must be some agreed upon consensus as to the authority of universals. Pre-enlightenment “religious” man acknowledged this definition begins in acknowledging one’s existence in a world God has made. Modern man however, enamored by delusions of his own omnipotence, seeks to find meaning from within, which has led to the only one great universal, that of one’s right to personal peace and affluence.

How much time should one spend erring grievances through a negligible venue? I’m not sure I’ve settled on an answer, but I hope the following articles will serve to encourage, challenge, and remind you that He is there, and He is not silent.

On the Dissolution of Democracy

On Presuppositions

On Gender Deconstruction

On Abortion

On Abortion Part 2

On a Local Casino

On Man Vs. Machine

On Misguided Compassion

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